Awesome Gray And Blue Bathroom Design Ideas 14
Awesome Gray And Blue Bathroom Design Ideas 14

49 Awesome Gray And Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

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In many homes the bathroom is the one area that is most neglected in the entire room. It is a small room which is mostly painted in white or a sickly green. However nowadays many homeowners started paying more attention to their own bathrooms and giving it that importance that it deserves.

There are some interesting trends in modern bathrooms regarding color that are touching on bolder and brighter shades. You can go with burgundy or a strong and cheerful yellow or even an energizing teal.

Many people also like the seaside designs with the refreshing ocean blues and greens. You can go here with bright turquoise and some rich violet shades that can be in the wall tiles or wall color.

While I personally don’t like brown, there is a strong trend in employing browns and blues on walls. For example you could use the wall painted in brown and then add blues as accents or patterned tiles on the walls, floors and even shower stalls. Also brown cabinets seem to be quite trendy today.

Many people still prefer the neutral colors, and that is also OK as neutral is always in fashion. All you need is add a couple of highlighting accents, a few shades of brown or gray, or different shades of the very same color.

The classic white which used to be quite strong is nowadays replaced with a soft and muted off-white strongly reminiscent of whipped cream. There are many shades of white that you can use and it gives the bathroom a nice effect when you alternate between them.

Don’t be afraid to experiment as your creativity will bring you to the best results your bathroom can have.