Magnificient Modern Wooden Dining Table Ideas 32
Magnificient Modern Wooden Dining Table Ideas 32

47 Magnificient Modern Wooden Dining Table Ideas

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Dining tables are the centerpiece of any family gathering, whether it is a regular meal or that holiday get together with the out of town relatives. Your table says a lot about you as does the rest of the room d├ęcor. These tables are not only for the big parties, but for day to day use as well, so choosing the right one for your lifestyle may take some time.

The glass dining table has a sleek contemporary look that adds a modern touch to any dining area. These usually come with beveled edges and can be matched with a wide variety of chair sets to make any dining room look like it is right out of a magazine. The base for most of these is metal, but there is more than one style with a plate glass base as well.

The glass table however has a few drawbacks that make it slightly less practical than a wood dining table. Keeping these fingerprint free and looking neat becomes a bit of a chore, particularly if there are small children about. A nice table cloth solves this but then there is the detraction from the actual glass top.

These also tend to be much heavier than their wooden counterparts and are not expandable to accommodate more guests. This makes them a little less practical if you entertain larger groups in your home. The look they lend to a dining room is quite unique overall though.

Wooden dining tables on the other hand have the practicality of being able to add a leaf in the center and expand to hold more food and seat more guests. Many tables of this type come with up to three extra leaves to increase its versatility. The durability of wood also is a deciding factor over glass as these will chip and break less over time.