Incredible Modern Southern Style Decorating Ideas 38
Incredible Modern Southern Style Decorating Ideas 38

47 Incredible Modern Southern Style Decorating Ideas

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Living in Southern California feels like such a blessing each and every sunny day, and those who are fortunate enough to call Southern California home certainly realize how special it is. Some of the latest trends come from this part of the USA, and home trends are no different.

Whether you are shopping for a new home or just looking for creative remodeling ideas, be on the lookout for new features in home construction. After all, the purpose of the latest and greatest amenities is to increase your quality of living, as well as raise the resale value of your home.

Here are the top five amenities featured in Southern California new homes:

1. Gourmet Kitchens – No longer just a place to cook, the kitchen is the latest room in any Southern Californian home to undergo an extraordinary change. If you like to cook gourmet meals, then you know how different it is from just whipping out a frying pan and cooking some eggs. You need the proper surroundings. A gourmet kitchen requires more appliances, more utensils, more control, and above all more space. And if you don’t cook much you can still look the part and have plenty of space for entertaining. In addition, a gourmet kitchen also goes a long way in increasing the market value of your home. Gourmet kitchens today include some very luxurious amenities like: double sinks & extra prep sinks, recessed lighting, 2 double ovens, 2 dishwashers, and built in refrigerator / freezers with door panels to match cabinets.

Gourmet kitchen d├ęcor also includes decorative backsplashes made of Italian tile; and tumbled marble, tile and granite flooring and countertops.

2. Master Sitting Rooms – No Southern California newly built home is complete without a Master sitting room. From sitting, reading, watching television and writing to talking, working and listening to music, your master sitting room should have all the latest amenities and furniture. The room should be designed so that you don’t have to leave your bedroom if you don’t want to! Contemporary sitting rooms should be large, spacious and comfortable. Master sitting room amenities include broadband Internet access, a large wide screen or flat screen TV with digital cable reception, surround sound and DVD player, and maybe some ambiance with a fireplace.

3. Larger Bathrooms & Coffee/Breakfast Bars In The Master Bath – In the Southern California new home market, the demand for larger, more luxurious bathrooms have increased over the years. When it comes to modern bathroom designs, coffee or breakfast bars in the master bath are in demand. No longer do you have to visit a spa – you can have your own private space right in your bedroom! Picture a large bathroom with a big, comfortable tub and a full-length mirror with a coffee bar on one side and a mini refrigerator on the other. Luxury bathrooms also include larger cabinets, his and hers vanities and Jacuzzis.

4. Larger Family Rooms – Your family room is a reflection of your family life. When done right, it can be inviting, classy, comfortable and sophisticated. The demand for larger family rooms has also increased over the last few years and now most Southern Californian homeowners are looking for something large and spacious. By blending natural elements with modern style, you can create your own multifunctional family room. The most functional family rooms are able to accommodate a big flat screen television. For entertaining, or just for ‘family night’ at home, media rooms and home theatres are also very popular.

5. Germ-free Surfaces – Not all new home trends focus on looks – now more than ever, homeowners are looking for new fabrics and materials which can also protect the health of their families. Protection from harmful microorganisms can be added to kitchen and bathroom surfaces with antiseptic supplies and treatments. And, because of their non-porous nature, countertops that are made of engineered stone products, like Epoxy and Quartz, are also in demand.