Marvelous Diy Beaming Plant Shelves 49
Marvelous Diy Beaming Plant Shelves 49

50 Marvelous Diy Beaming Plant Shelves

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The growing season for a large part of the world is very short, giving need for additional resources to keep your green thumb going longer. You can build your own greenhouse using some of the various shelving systems that are readily available at your local building supply store. From the fixed, wall mounted shelving, made of glass, wood, wire metal or steel, to a wide range of open-ended freestanding shelving units.

The open-ended shelving units are great because no matter where you place them, you’ll have easy access to your plants and flowers. These movable units are usually made of rust proof steel, metal, or aluminum, and can come in a variety of models.

Be sure and try to find the ones that are portable, having wheels on them for easy transportation and arrangement. When you can just wheel them outside during the daytime sunlight, them pop them back inside for the night time, your plants will thrive.

You can also just go out to your local hardware store and purchase all the individual shelving and brackets the would be required to make your own, or you can find some prefab systems that can be modified to fit your design needs.

Once you start to hang your shelves, you can quickly and easily change things around when you need to. Wire shelving is especially popular because it allows for any access water to simply flow through onto the plants and flowers below. This gives you doubling the water power, without using twice the water.