Inspiring Halloween Theme Garden Decor Ideas 46
Inspiring Halloween Theme Garden Decor Ideas 46

49 Inspiring Halloween Theme Garden Decor Ideas

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Throwing a garden party for Halloween is a great way for adults and children a like to enjoy the festivities at a time of year where the nights are getting darker and the weather colder, but there is still chance to enjoy the outdoors before the arrival of winter.

Along with your costumes and Halloween themed food, getting your garden party decorations right is essential to ensuring a great atmosphere. Here are our top suggestions for making sure that your exterior space enchants and delights all who set foot in it.

One of the most important things to get right for any kind of outdoor event – regardless of whether it is for Halloween or Easter – is adequate garden party lighting. Making sure you have right light features will not only create a great atmosphere for your occasion, but also serve a practical purpose as the dark nights draw in.

One great solution for excellent garden party lighting is investing in some solar powered fairy lights or lanterns, which can provide plenty of light throughout the evening for very little cost. Another advantage of these solar powered garden party lighting options is that they are often customisable to your theme.

Why not buy some pumpkin shaped designs to place over individual LED bulbs on your string of bright solar powered fairy lights? Or put some underwater solar powered fairy lights in your garden pond for a mystical effect that is very fitting for the occasion?

In addition to investing in some good quality garden party lighting, don’t forget the carved pumpkins to provide a spooky atmosphere. Get all the family involved in creating pumpkin decorations for the event, or alternatively ask each guest at your party to bring their own pumpkin, which you can then place around your outside space for a creepy but fun effect!

An alternative to putting out the traditional pumpkin carvings is hanging illuminated paper or fabric ghosts around your outside space. These can be made simply and easily from sheets of white paper that have been fashioned into various ghostly designs, or from old pillow cases and bed linen.

Use your solar garden lanterns or solar powered fairy lights to light up each ghost for a spectacular and impressive effect that is perfect for Halloween – but check that this does not pose a fire hazard first if the lamps have a tendency to heat up!

Another spooky idea for a Halloween garden party decoration is to make some tombstones to represent each and every one of your guests. These can be made from sheets of polystyrene, which can then be customised with grey and black paint to give the name of the deceased and their cause of death. Asking guests to make their own tombstones can be another fun activity to try.

In addition to establishing a miniature graveyard in your back garden, you can also choose to decorate your space with props such as skulls, black cats and witches brooms. All of these items should be readily available from fancy dress stores, so shop around to find some props that will add an element of surprise to your garden or yard.

Last but not least, do not forget to invest in some Halloween themed tableware if you are serving food and drinks outdoors. You can choose to opt for the traditional colours of orange and black, or alternatively choose blood reds or lime greens, which are also great for this occasion.

Cover tables, stools and chairs in creepy materials like white netting that is reminiscent of cobwebs, or instead invest in some Halloween themed throws to transform your garden furniture for the occasion.