Incredible Space Saving Christmas Trees Ideas 10
Incredible Space Saving Christmas Trees Ideas 10

47 Incredible Space Saving Christmas Trees Ideas

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Decorating a tree at Christmas is an age-old tradition and something we all look forward to each year. The tradition dates back to 16th century Germany, where evergreen conifers such as spruce and pine were brought into the home and decorated with candles or fruits, nuts and paper flowers.

Today we can also buy artificial trees that look just like the real thing and don’t need to be chopped down and dragged home. Instead, you can buy a tree that meets your exact requirements without a lot of the drawbacks of getting a real tree.

The top 10 reasons for choosing an artificial Xmas tree for your home this year are:

1. There’s more choice. One of the main differences between real and artificial trees is a whole range of choices you wouldn’t otherwise have. Not only can you choose a tree that looks like any kind of real tree, you can also get something completely different like a fibre optic tree that changes colour.

2. They look the same as real trees. Think about the type of tree you most associate with what a Christmas tree should look like (spruce, cedar, fir, pine and so on) and you will be able to find an artificial version. You won’t be able to tell the difference and you can even buy a scented spray so it smells like the real thing too.

3. They’re better value for money. As an artificial tree should be able to last you 10 or more years, you can save yourself the time, money and effort of buying a real tree year after year.

4. They can come pre-lit. If you would rather not have the responsibility of untangling your Christmas lights every year you could always buy a pre-lit tree where they are already built in. Alternatively, you might also find the magical appeal of fibre optic trees all enticing as they plug straight in and glow all over.

5. There are no needles all over the place. This is one of the most often cited reasons for an artificial tree – they make no mess. Real trees drop their needles all over the place and have to be well watered. With an artificial tree you just put it up, enjoy it, take it down and store it for next year.

6. It will definitely fit in the space you have for it. With artificial trees you can choose from something that will sit nicely on a tabletop to a massive 15ft giant. The same goes for width with choices available for tall and skinny or fat and bushy as well as everything in between.

7. You can pick one to go with your decorations. As well as colour, the different styles of tree also have different numbers of branches. Some are really dense, others have space between the branches. Keep this in mind for when you decorate it, because if you prefer lots of lights get a densely packed tree. If you are more concerned about the decorative ornaments, get one that’s a bit more spaced out so you have more room to show them off in.

8. You can get one that pops out of the box and straight into action. Pop-up trees literally pop-up into action, fully decorated, lit and ready to go without any messing around. Perfect for the office, or as a second tree in the home, as well as an easier option for less mobile people.

9. They can be safer. As they are lighter and often treated with flame retardants, they can be a safer choice than a real tree. You should always be careful but being light means it is less likely to fall over and if it does, its not heavy enough to break anything or hurt anybody. Unlike real trees that dry out, an artificial tree is also less likely to be a fire hazard.

10. They are allergy free. Some people have trouble with real trees which often have allergens, moulds and fungi on them that give people a red nose for the whole holidays. An artificial tree is a great choice for avoiding these problems, allowing everyone to enjoy having a great tree in their home.