Incredible Wood Bed Ideas For Traditional House 43
Incredible Wood Bed Ideas For Traditional House 43

48 Incredible Wood Bed Ideas For Traditional House

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Traditional interior design is still highly popular among homeowners – especially in the bedroom, where rustic wooden beds and furniture can be used to create a homely yet stylish feel.

Wooden pieces combined with the right colours and fabrics are often used by designers to invoke a look and feel that harks back to years gone by, providing a great alternative for those wary of ultra-modern interiors.

With wooden beds and other items of furniture, the wide range of grain types and colours means it’s possible to create a multitude of different styles that retain a traditional aura.

One way of implementing traditional interior design principles in the bedroom is by choosing the right colour scheme. Both neutral shades and deep, rich colours sit equally well with the rich woods that are often found in country homes.

If you have a small bedroom, you make it look bigger than it actually is by opting for pale, plain walls and flooring. Large mirrors can also help to create the illusion of space.

However, if you do go for a light-coloured room, make sure you keep the decor interesting by adding splashes of colour in the form of bright cushions, lampshades, artwork or curtains.

For a real country house feel, why not opt for double beds and furniture in a dark wood? Items with a chunky feel could also go a long way towards emulating the style of a traditional rural manor.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal wooden bed for your bedroom, it’s a good idea to choose furniture – such as bedside cabinets, chests of drawers and wardrobes – that match or complement your bed frame.