Impressive Basement Playroom Ideas For Kids 26
Impressive Basement Playroom Ideas For Kids 26

39 Impressive Basement Playroom Ideas For Kids

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Tired of having all you kids toys scattered around your house? Do you find yourself without your personal space and having what’s left of your personal space being consumed by your kids?

Well, you should consider designing a play room that both you and your kids will enjoy. This article will give you out of the box thinking on ways you can create a perfect playroom.

-Safety First

As always, it’s important to design a playroom that is extremely safe. A ‘safe’ room is a room that you can leave your kids in unsupervised without worrying that they can hurt themselves. Under most circumstances any room can be kids safe so long as the room was made to house occupants. This means that basements, storage rooms, and some loft areas are not entirely suitable for children to play in unless you can do some major remodeling. Here are the basics:

* Make sure any piece of furniture be sturdy enough for climbing and for common use. For example, a children’s desk and table set might be great because it is low to the ground and can be climbed on.

* Try your best to keep furniture that are very tall out of the room. The reason being is that if your child wants something, and is unable to reach it, they will try to find any means necessary to get it. Kids will push, stack, and climb their way to get it, so it would be best if you kept those situations from occurring.

-Furnishings and Materials

Keeping in mind that safety comes first, finding the furniture and materials to design the room will be the funnest part. Anything from a children’s toy chest, a children’s tent bunk bed, or a giant bean bag anything is possible. Don’t be forced into believing that plastic is your only option. Most children’s furniture that are made from wood are made to withstand most wear and tear from children. Here are some suggestions:

* Rug – For really active kids, a rug might help reduce the wear and tear of your household’s carpet. However, it’s perfect for homes that have hardwood floors.

* Bean Bag – it’s a chair, a couch, and a toy!

* Posters and paintings – have some fun posters of you child’s favorite action hero or bedtime story. Or have a few posters that lighten up the room.

-Colors and Themes

Having a theme in the play room is probably one of the most important part of the room. It’s a place, other than you child’s room that he could call his own. It’s important that you involve your child’s opinion rather than believing that you could create a ‘kids approved’ playroom. Believe it or not, you child does have the visual ability to choose colors and themes that match. Here are some great tips to lead you into the right direction:

* Kid’s approval – give you child choices when it comes to details about your playroom.

* Be adventurous when choosing colors – primary colors are great, but have you considered using natural colors like sea-foam green and beige?