Charming Kitchen Concrete Countertop Ideas 25
Charming Kitchen Concrete Countertop Ideas 25

41 Charming Kitchen Concrete Countertop Ideas

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Concrete countertops and tabletops have a distinct advantage over other kinds of materials. As opposed to granite or other stone, you can not only color or stain the material, but you can embed other materials into the concrete to create trivets or other practical things, or for purely decorative purposes.

For example, you can embed dulled pieces of glass or mirror into the surface of the concrete to give it special look and texture. If the materials match other pieces in the room, it will look beautiful in combination with them.

A competent artisan can suggest many ways to enhance the look and feel of a concrete countertop, which you can’t accomplish with, say, granite.

There is also the added benefit of being able to use recycled materials. Some things you might want to add to your concrete countertop can come from around your own home or office, lending a certain amount of your space’s personality to the concrete creation. Examples could be:

  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Pieces of tile
  • Bits of broken ceramic, such as pottery
  • Parts of souvenirs of trips or other experiences
  • Memorabilia from childhood or from around the home
  • Handprints or footprints
  • Paper clips and other office supplies
  • Bits of the surfaces of previous office furniture

These are just basic suggestions. A good artisan will have a lot of experience he or she can share with you as far as making other suggestions. You can see how the list can be endless.

One of the great advantages of using concrete for countertops, tabletops, sinks, vanities, etc. is that you are not limited by selection. It’s not like the limited selection of shapes and sizes of the stone slabs you can get at most quarries. Want a hexagon shaped countertop? No problem! Need your table to fit against a rounded wall, perfectly? Again – absolutely doable.

If you need your sink to fit in a odd-shaped area, concrete is your best choice. Does your vanity top have to be a certain thickness? You don’t have to hunt around from shop to shop to hopefully find that measurement. Just tell your artisan what you need and you’ll get your specifications fulfilled exactly.

Colors and stains are also extremely variable. You can get thousands of different colors, and dozens of stains (if not more – as paint companies are constantly developing new products). Once again, a professional artisan can help you make great choices to get exactly what you want.

Let’s not forget design. From abstract to realistic, to geometric or faux, or anything in between, concrete can accommodate more of your imagined designs than any natural stone.