Amazing Backyard Fire Pit Ideas 32
Amazing Backyard Fire Pit Ideas 32

36 Amazing Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

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We may not be able to get away for a vacation and relax as often as we would like but backyard fire pits are a perfect way to entertain guests or give you and your family the feeling of being on vacation. A backyard fire pit is a great, inexpensive addition that works well in a variety of homes, apartments and patios.

Incorporating one into your backyard landscaping design allows you to get outside and enjoy the cooler evenings of spring and fall in comfort and style. Many backyard fire pits are decorative and can be used to create a centerpiece for backyard entertaining.

A backyard fire creates a peaceful ambiance for you and your guests, you can cook on it, get warmed by the fire and it’s romantic.

1. A backyard fire pit is safe for use in most neighborhoods and homes.

2. They are portable and can be moved from place to place around the yard or taken on camping trips

3. They provide a place for a controlled fire and gives the homeowner complete control over the flames.

4. They are very convenient and safe for the environment. You can burn firewood that you have bought for your indoor fireplace. The fires start and burn just like a small campfire.

5. Generally a backyard fire pit is safe for a homeowners insurance and they don’t violate local fire policies.

6. They come with a screen cover that will prevent most flying cinders. Generally the screen is the only thing you may need to replace.

7. They are easy to care for and will last for years. There are weatherproof covers available or you can move them to a storage shed when you won’t be using it.

8. Portable backyard fire pits are inexpensive and available at many local retailers in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Unlike a permanent backyard fire pit the portable ones take up less space and are easy to move around the yard for grass cutting or redesigning your backyard landscape. You will need to determine the size you want, the bigger the fire pit the bigger and hotter the fire. If you will be using it as a centerpiece on a patio you will need room for seating without your guests being too close to the fire.

Breathing in wood smoke can have harmful effects on small children and anyone with a breathing condition, it is best for everyone to limit their exposure to the smoke. Using seasoned wood and burning small hot fires will produce less harmful smoke.