Affordable Mini Bar Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now 23
Affordable Mini Bar Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now 23

35 Affordable Mini Bar Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now

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The mini bar refrigerators come in use in the hotel rooms or the mini bars. They are perfect for places whose storage needs are not massive. The functionality of the mini bar refrigerators is similar to the regular fridges. They have the ability to maintain a temperature which is perfect for keeping the beverages chilled. They are used in the hotel rooms because they have excellent features. Their capacity, their noise level, the size, etc. are features that make them perfect for a hotel room, meeting rooms, etc.

Before choosing the mini bar refrigerator for use, it is important that you take a hard look at all the features. The features will tell you whether it is well-suited for you or not. There is an extensive range of models available in the market. Almost all of the big and famous refrigeration manufacturers produce these refrigerators. The excess of choice can be a little overwhelming sometimes. So it is important to have a clear picture of what features you want and what are your needs.

The Size of the Appliance:

Choosing the right size is critical because the refrigerators should be able to hold the needed amount of the beverages. That is why the search for the appliance should always start by looking for the right size. It is important to understand that by just looking at the space available to you and just looking at the dimensions you will not be able to choose the perfect size. The height, depth, and the width are important things to measure as well. Apart from this important stuff, you also need to consider the space for door opening, the ventilation area as well.

All of these things are important to consider while looking at the size of the fridge. These factors are important because they affect the overall space usage. Before placing the fridge in any location measure it carefully. The ventilation area is crucial for the proper and efficient functionality of the appliances. Without the proper ventilation space, the mini bar coolers will get heated, and its efficiency will decrease. The energy consumption of these fridges will also increase if there is no proper ventilation.

Measure the available space from top to bottom to see if the appliance fits in it. Then measure it from side to side so that you are sure of whether the appliance is going to fit in the space or not.

Measuring the Door Opening:

The door opening should be measured without any error because if it is not measured, then the door of the fridge will not open all the way and it will be difficult to access the beverages. If the door of the appliances is not opening smoothly and to its full capacity, then it can cause hindrance while stocking the bar fridges as well. The door should not hit any other cupboards or walls because the constant hitting can damage the door of the appliance as well. The doors are of two types, hinged or sliding. The mini bar refrigerators come with hinged doors, so it is imperative to consider the door opening space. The types of shelves also need to be considered while reviewing the door opening area because if the shelves need to be slid out to grab the beverages, then the door needs to open all the way.

Measuring the Ventilation:

The ventilation space is essential. It is important that there is one-inch extra space available behind the refrigerators. The space available behind the appliance helps in making sure that the hot air is ventilated, and the chiller is not heated.

Types of Mini Bar Refrigerators:

There are three main types of mini bar fridges available in the market. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Thermoelectric Fridge:

These mini refrigeration appliances are inexpensive, but they are a little noisy.

Compressor fridge:

These refrigerators are soundless. It makes them an excellent choice for commercial use. They are also better equipped to store and chill the variety of beverages.

The Absorption Mini Refrigerator:

These appliances are also quiet to run, so they are suitable for hotel room use.

There is an extensive range of these refrigerators available in the market regarding the size, design, and style of the appliance. All of these things are important to be considered before you buy the fridge.

Here are different options based on size and shape.

The Cube Fridge:

It is used most commonly on a commercial level. The interior space ranges between 11.5 to 2.1 cubic Ft. The weight of the fridges is between 25 pounds to 30 pounds. Because of its size and weight, it is easily portable. The height of these fridges is between 18 inches to 20 inches. They do not have the best insulation, which makes them less expensive. There are some models which have freezer compartments as well.

Mid-Size Mini Refrigerator:

This type of cooler is slightly bigger than the cube refrigerators. It has more shelves so it can help in storing a wide variety of beverages. The average height of these appliances is 26 inches, and the average interior capacity is 2.6 cubic Ft. They are considered more energy efficient as compared to the other mini refrigerators.

Counter-High Compact Refrigerator:

Their height is similar to the height of the bar, and the capacity is between 3.5 and 4.5 cubic feet. They can have a single or double door.

Wine Mini Fridge:

These appliances are designed to have perfect storage conditions for the wine. The wine needs to be stored at a particular temperature to maintain its texture and flavor.